Von Bondies @ S.O.B.'s

The Von Bondies released  a new album! I went to a secret show at SOB's on varick street (its in the west village for you londoners) and it was mint!

Here's some fun pictures from it. CHEERS!

Might I add that this show was put on by a rubbish radio station in New York? The other day I had a dream that XFM opened a New York City station. Sigh...


Lets talk about music this month.
I thought I would start my months input by starting with an album review for Lily Allen's new album. I will give a small insight song-by-song. As an introduction to her it's important to remember how annoyingly honest she is was refreshing when she first graced our ears. Since her debut album 'Alright Still' Kate Nash came along and did a much better job of that talking/singing genre and then of course there was Lily's decline in front of the media which I do not want to judge. Our opinions of Lily as an artist should be no better or worse than her last song/album which I believe is a great place to finish the introduction and get on with the review.

Its Not me It's You

Everybody Is At It

This was an okay song. It's the first on the album and kind of reminds the listener that lily likes to engage with current ordinary issues. The beat at time sounds incredibly like a Killers song.

The Fear

Lily's first album release single. It is an attractive song. It has a nice little beat which is some what relaxing. She points out the bad points of current life but points out the she does it too and then states she is not sure what is right now. I like the way Lily uses her brain here. I think, being a pop song she has a chance to make people think although I don't think people will.

Not Fair

Wild West themed beat. Talks about sex, being the only problem within the relationship. Its quite grossly descriptive for a song. I kind of like it, but it is aimed at women so not something i can relate too.


Describes the life of a girl that was once 22, now 30. Explains the misconceptions of getting old can ruin life's. Linked to relationships being the answers to everything is just sad which I can agree with. A good point picked up by Lily here.

I Could Stay

This has an uplifting beat. It is one of those after/or splitting up songs. Noting the benefits and the not so good points to relationships. I do not think the words are amazing, but I 'spose if you are in that particular situation there can be some points to relate to. Most certainly an album song, definitely not a single.

Back To The Start.

An almost grimey sound to this song. Lily describes a situation with in the song about a split once again. This time choosing to blame herself. She mentions within the song that it is not a song but something she plans to put in action which kind of makes it like an action plan. Kind of cool. I can see a club a club remix making this fairly successful as it already has a catchy fast pace. I would probably dance to it. Maybe a single in the making.

Never Gonna Happen

A very slow paced speaking song. Once again about the splitting of a relationship. Reminds me of a song on the previous album. The main stance of the song is get the gut to give up on her. The actual tune is fairly funny. I am at this point of listening to the album I am starting to think it is clearly aimed at young girls splitting up with boyfriends.

Fuck You

This song's beat sounds like a Carpenters song. Lily herself does not sound like them. She talks through out about a complete loser man she has had familiar with. I think this song is good as she slates small minded people and racists (who are small minded in my opinion) and the title 'Fuck you' really sums those people up. There is also a political vibe running through it in regards to war and she kind of blames it on them. I would like this as a potential single, but then again, we don't need the swearing.

Who'd Have Known

This is a story time song. She explain the closeness of a relationship she had. It's positive. It seems very hard to describe whether Lily is happy or not whilst writing this happy. It seems like her real life in the media transpires through the writing of this album over the last few years.


Another explanation of an event in lily's life starts this sad song. The reason for calling the song 'Chinese' is because she recalls having Chinese take away in front of the TV with somebody. The song appears to be one of those songs where Lily writes about the simple loving memories in most relationships. Its not a great song, not original, but an acceptable album song.


This song is about God. Refereed as 'Him.' Constantly asking questions about he'd say about situations such as war, drugs, who should we vote for? Lily mentions the negatives of people dying in his name. Its like she is asking for a sign from him. I like the song. I can relate to it.

He Wasn't There

This 1920's style of background music. It's very slow paced. Point point in the song highlights the importance of keeping relationships going to see that things can turn out okay even if they don't seem great at the start. The songs to slow for me.


Myspace - www.myspace.com/lilymusic

Pitures - http://michaelandbubbles.blogspot.com/2008/12/top-9-frases-que-me-cambiaron-la-vida.html


I have posted this song on my own blog yesterday. But it such a good choon that I had to post it here as well. I really can't get enough.

I think I've worked out my music type. Eletrickgrimemock. Yeah that must cover the main bases.
Also if you like the song then you might want to check out the alternate video for it at my own blog. Which is here.
Ice Koobs


One last post for the day. I hope you enjoyed the last artist review when and if you get a chance to read it. This week's video is more likely is more of a psyching up opportunity. The song is by 'Emarosa' who are a fantastic screamo band which I have reviewed previously. check the achieves if you like them. I have just booked tickets to see them in March which I am completely exited for now as I am also seeing Fall Out Boy in the same month.

I hope you enjoy this classic.


It seems like a very long time since I have wrote a review of music I have been listening too. I thought it probably would be best to make a stab at reviewing the bands that are bringing new albums and singles out so that it would be easy to find if any of you readers are slightly inspired by what you here.

With that information, I think that leaves us with Bon Ivan and Franz Ferdinand as the genuine interest of the week.

Franz Ferdinand

It seems that Franz Ferdinand are back again, for the third time. As a point of reflection, can anybody remember how there first album was was masterfully put together? Big hits including 'Michael,' 'Matinee' and then the legendary song 'take me out' grabbed a whole new indie audience with it's fantastic intro.

After this album eventually left the current trim of radio play list's, there was a time when we only found Franz Ferdinand on our I Pod's from shuffling through occasionally. The release of the second album brought our ears another banger in the form of single 'do you want too' proving to be a popular dance tune, but although fantastic at the time, provided a false hope of the potential Franz put forward on an album which can now be found in bargain buckets costing about a pound.

This brings us to their new release. I would say 'Ulysses' will most certainly be a big hit amongst the crowded dance floors of the indie world. I can foresee many remixes cropping up and Xfm playing it far too many times before we are finally finished listening too it. It's true to say the song has captured be due to it's actual lyrics about finding something greater than drug's, but is this song great? The answer is no. This song does not get the '8 or 9 out of 10' that the first albums singles achieved, but more likely 7.

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

Bon Iver

What I write now it what I thinking as I listen the Bon Iver for the first time. I would immediately say that I do not think that it is not anything particularly that I have not heard before. Artists such as Chris Martin's Coldplay spring to mind immediately and some elements of Snow Patrol.

The first song I chose to listen to was 'Blood Bank' which is their new single just out. It's calm, relaxing and will probably be a big hit with those loving acoustic artists like Damien Rice. The second song I listened to is titled 'Beach Baby' which features yet again, another relaxed chilling guitar,that has made me slightly tired. That song was short, and now the third song I am listening to is 'Babys' which features a very repetitive piano intro. The lyrics sound very much like a Cold Play album track which never gets released. I can imagine listening to it for a while and loving these guys. Although, they have not grabbed me straight away which would suggest they are not amazing. I would however recommend adding them to your 'chilling out' play list.

I will leave you with another song, The wolves Act 1 & 2


Just in case you didn't know, UMG is short for Universal Music Group. Oh and the reason why I'm damning them? Because it seems that almost every music video by Fall Out Boy has been disabled by them. I wanted to do a post about America's Suitehearts, but I didn't want to do it with out the video. So yeah sorry about that.
But I did find this. Now sure if you American you've probably seen this video, but over here in Good old England I know for sure (99% in fact) that it wasn't released over here.

How good is that? It like a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Two things you wouldn't think would go well together but actually work very, very well. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed it and sorry again about not finding the other video.
Ice Koobs


I cannot believe it is the 21th of January already. There is not much music that has caught my ears recently, mainly because work and university has crowded any free time I have had. I have missed university today and my first instinct has been to use my regular Internet tools to trace new music.

Here are some music being releases this week that could be of interest to you:

This weeks singles

Bon Iver - 'Blood Bank'
Franz Ferdinand - 'Ulysses'
Kid British - 'Leave London'
The Killers - 'Spaceman'
Pink - 'Sober'

This weeks albums

Blood Bank ~ Bon Iver
To Lose My Life ~ White Lies

Looking over the releases, I would advise the 'Spaceman' song strongly as I think it is a nice light, easy going song where Brandon Flower's advices us of the truth about aliens. I would also like to add that the Franz Ferdinand song was a joy to my ears along with the release of White Lies album is leaving me to think I may have to make a purchase very soon.

Enjoy new music people


There's nothing like coming back to New York when you've lost your 500 dollar designer coat at Heathrow. I lost it when they were checking my carry on luggage cause the stupid lady who needs to die went through one of my entire bags and didnt put the items back in! of course I'd forget my jacket. UGH!

I called Heathrow and it looks like they have it. 


Anyway, I love how I don't have my ANNA sui coat and its 20 Farenheit outside.
I thought london last week was cold.. tomorrow, 14 F. Yes, 14 F. thats minus nine c.
So I turned on my US mobile.. and i got texts. INDIE 103 MY FAVOURITE STATION IN LOS ANGELES HAS SHUT DOWN.

I was like, this has to be a fucking hoax. I was just thinking on the plane, at least america's got indie 103..as in relation to XFM.  And i called two friends in LA. It's totally real. Wow indie 103 was the station that played nofx and bad religion past the radio songs and mixed it in with interpol and glasvegas. 

I just spent the past two weeks doing some of the best work experiences anyone could do in the UK regarding indie music..
to come home to this?

SIck twist of fate. 

I have ida maria tomorrow in brooklyn. Thank god for that..
My only regret was somehow not seeing ricky on this trip. next time, I MUST MEET YOU!


I think it's very easy to dislike a good band. For a start, they will be over played on the radio, people will dress like them and t.v and magazines will capture them doing incredibly silly things. Fall Out Boy (FOB) are no different, but in my case, I have managed to look past the opportunity to hate them and truely enjoy the enriching sounds they produce.

I wanted to quickly run through what I feel has made FOB album-by-album a truely genius band based upon ability to change to fit the audience.

Take this to Your Grave

This album has punk and emo merged into what I believe is there most listenable album. Songs like 'Where is Your Boy' and 'Calm Before the storm' may be the most listenable, but I feel its very easy it let the tracks run through without skipping tracks. I cannot help thinking they were a natural replacement for Blink 182. They do not have there aggression, but they relate to people on the same way.

Under The Cork Tree

This chapter in FOB's successful career marks what I believe as the most progressive stage in there careers. Its a big mid-point intersection between the album before and the one before. This therefore pleases the punk and rock fans, but encorages the pop fans that would later love the third installment. Listing the obvious favorites on the album would be pointless but once again, they create great album and not just singles. Very listenable, and the most knowledgable music fans would probably say its the best they released.

Infinity On High

This ablum is what I believe is the most 'pop' album they released. I remember after its release, Kanye West saying he needs to learn how to dress better than FOB and attempt to make music better than them. I will let you decide whether he does or not not but I think it's inportant to make the emphasis that FOB before 'Massive' pop artists here. I think myself, as an album listener mainly, would say it is my least favorite album, but regardless is an amazing piece of work.

And for the last album I am currently writing a review but I thought I would include some tasy aucustic sessions:



After a two week hiatus I'm back with a musical videos for you to sink your teeth into.
The following video is of a band that isn't actually around anymore which is a shame. There was something about their music which was cool. Can't really place my finger on it at all. That's the reason why I really don't understand why Rick likes me posting on his blog. I'm sure I'm lowering tone by posting on here. But I digress, the bands name was Your Last Liability and the song name is Flame and Fortune.

They were a typical MySpace band. Set up for a little while and then just disappeared. But not completely. It seems that one of the original band members has decided to carry on the bands work and actually started a group called Porthaven. You can find them here at http://www.myspace.com/porthaven. There is only one song available at the moment (Flame and Fortune) but Nick (the guy behind it) is saying that he is hoping to get an album out by spring. So not to long to wait, especially if I wetted your appetite with this tasty morsel.
Ice Koobs


Of all the albums I got for Christmas I would say I have listened most to Fall Out Boy's fantastic forth album. It is a big grower.
However I would like to mention Friendly Fires self titled album is fantastic also. Besides the big songs, notibley the singles, I would say that 'Skeleton Boy' is a song which I cannot singing. I think its the funky computer cherned beat at the the start and the over exagerated chorus. Listen and enjoy please.


1. Two Doors Down - The Mystery Jets

Unsurprisingly, I chose this song.
Its 80's cheese pop down to a tee, re birthed in the new indie synth pop revolution.
This song, where ever I have been out, goes down well with everyone.
If you were sitting down, you get up and dance, and if you were already dancing you pick up an extra skip in your dance. The only contest in finding a better song in 2008 was my number two, 'Time To Pretend' by M.G.M.T.

2. Time To Pretend - M.G.M.T

This version is the only that I could find on YouTube that was not embedded
This song sparks up a lot of imagination.
A real grower, and is unquestionably one of the best songs I have ever heard.

3. Young Love - The Mystery Jets

I think it is safe to say that this release was kind of a feel good song with a nice simple ringy beat although listening to the lyrics, you learn its a story of a classic teenage 'lost lusting' we all have experienced at some point in life. The song comes from an album which in fact have so many 'big bangers' its difficult deciding where to put them in my top ten of the year, so I have stayed with the singles only. This unfortunately excludes my favorite song, 'Veiled in Grey' and 'Twenty One.' I feel disappointed to have not been able to put 'Half in Love with Elizabeth' too which is an actual release.

4. Love No - The Teenagers

There is just something about this pop trio from Paris (and London.)
They make new cheesy pop and chose to just speak over songs 'Just for Jokes.'
The best release from them this year was a big favorite of mine back in March titled 'Love No.' The video is absolutely hilarious too.
Lines such as "are you really going to eat that pepperoni pizza? It looks so Greasy" supports a complete random feel they transpire through virtually every song on the Reality Check album released about the same time as the song in question.


Last night i was at XFM NYE a big "indie event" that took place at Brixton Academy and i got to say it was great :).

There was four rooms featuring London's best indie DJs including Xfm's Steve Harris, John Kennedy, Cheeky Pete, Jon Hillcock, Xfm's First Friday resident DJ Jared and special guests Dan Le Sac and South Central. Meanwhile Club FROG are taking over roon four in their own inimitable style.

The music was really good overall, not many emo songs played (dissapointed about that!) but i guess its a happy event lol, my only hate of the night was the drink prices - a round costing £30 was a bit much imo - but Hey! it was Nye.

The Atmosphere was really good, Brixton was filled out and with a good crowd. It actually took over an hour to get into the event - a BIG Queue!

Ive just woke up so if my spelling/wording isn't great my apologies!

I would list the songs played but i cant really remember haha;

To sum it up 10/10 very good event ;)

Any1 else go to XFM NYE? What did you think??



I can almost promise this song will be realeased.
First I will show you the YouTube Comments then watch the unofficial vidoe will the end and then tell me what you think.

You Tube Comments:

*Honestly this is amazing (:
*This is really good.
*good song, sucky music video
(there are 132 comments already)


Please, Does anybody remember Hot Hot Heat?
They were absolutely fantastic.
This song, 'Middle of Nowhere' is the second or third best song they had.
Listen to 'Goodnight' too.


5. we Throw Parties, You Throw knives - Los Campesinos

I am pretty sure this song is from 2007.
But I really liked it as you can tell from previous blogs.
So I included it regardless to birthday.

6. The Age of Understatement - The Last Shadow Puppets

This song, in fact this album seems so dated. But it really worked for me.
I could not stop singing it. I cannot now wait for the new Arctic Monkeys album in 2009 and will be watching The Rascals too.

7. Courtship Dating - The Crystal Castles

There is not many songs I would prefer to dance too.
It is a real tune. I think the adverts of the TV have really got hold of CC music.


I have recently been bought a lot of new albums which I will review shortly:

Fall Out Boy - So far, It has grown on me an immensely
Los Campesinos - Its one of those you can listen to quite easily
Tilly And The Wall - It has a few real bangers
CSS - Its okay so far
Friendly Fires - Once again, Big bangers
MIA - Quite funny
Vampire Weekend - Fan-Bloody-Tastic

Anyway, I hope you have all had a fantastic christmas.
Tomorrow I will continue with my top ten videos of 2008.


All my friends are going to see Crystal Castles or My Morning Jacket on New Years Eve in NYC.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I'll be far far away from new york.
Far far away from 66 N 6 bklyn 11201.


If you are in london here are some good nye shows:

Reverend and the Makers at KOKO, hosted by NME radio.

There's Noah and the Whale @ the Astoria.

And King Blues / Dan le Sac vs scroobius pip @ Brixton.


Ali G. In Da House was on ITV1 today.
Below is the best track from the movie.

Sorry the post is so short. I've only just got in from work and I'm nackered.
Ice Koobs


Today, I have looking tirelessly for something different. Maybe I look in the wrong places but I have settled on this occasion to personally uncovering music which is good within it's own genre.

Before I begin to add my very own strained opinion to this artist I would like to state immediately that Drowned In Sound have given them their album 'Number One' status in 2008. For this recognition alone it is most definitely worth the research. I like the way Drowned in Sound (DIS) refer to 80's inspired music from 'Gameboys to quantum Leap' which in most cases fit in quite nicely within the genre most common in the newest indie music.

The M38 band have incredible ability to create chilled music. Their music is laid back to the point where after listening to them for half an hour you could believe you were on some kind of medicine that stops stress. As artist, they do not have overpowering vocals, instead long intros and breaks give the listen a chance to absorb the sounds. Although they are mainly synth based, in songs such as 'Too Late' they create a more natural feel including a piano. I would agree agree with DIS idea that the album overall enables 'reawakening memories and sensations, leaving you trickling with the self-referential goo.' I am not totally sure about the goo part but concluding my opinion, listen and you shall get an idea of what myself and DIS are trying to say.


To look at DIS top 50 album's of 2008 go too:


otherwise, the top 10 are here for your viewing pleasure:

01. M83 Saturdays=Youth
02. Frightened Rabbit, The Midnight Organ Fight
03. Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours
04. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!!
05. Deerhunter, Microcastle
06. Portishead, Third
07. Why? Alopecia
08. Friendly Fires, Friendly Fires
09. The Kills, Midnight Boom
10. Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago


8. Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

I really liked this song and video.
In my opinion it was better than A-Punk.
This band is different from your average Jack Johnson or Damien Rice.
The African Folk beat and classy vocals helps them stand above anybody else remotely doing what they are.


9. M.I.A - Paper Planes

This song become 'cool' too me after watching a film called Pinapple Express.
I like MIA in general. She has her very own style and it works. I do not believe there is a better artist that represents the streets more so than her. I think she could easily get mistaken for somebody singing in the shower, but regardless, I shall not take away the fact she is 'making good origional music.'
This song, and Bucky Dun Gun rule.

My worst concert ever.

My worst Concert of the year had to have been traveling all the way to stupid hipsterville willamsburg to see the Ting Tings and MGMT.

You would thing, wow free outdoor concert with the TING TINGS and MGMT. yayayayaya.

it was nonononononono.

Not was only that day ho

Ida Maria

I went by the Mercury Lounge today..
and guess what is coming the 15th of January.....


I love that song, you look so much better when you're naked.
XFM has been playing it quite a bit and ever since then I've been hooked on Ida maria.
I also like Queen of the World.
I have several of her records that I bought at Rough Trade East.

Stuff like that isn't available in the United States though.
It's easier to find UK vinyl in LA than it is in New York.
I wish new york had great record stores and radio.

But the good thing is I'll end up seeing Ida Maria for a tenner.
That's a tenner in dollars, a fiver in pounds.
Where else can you see Ida Maria in a room that fits 250 people for 5 pounds?

Definetely NOT in London. There is a flipside to New York sometimes.


I have changed it too...


I think its more proffessional. Less just Rick Moreno.


10. Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance.
Fantastic song. Not a massive fan of the band. This song is a banger. If your out and about and it comes on its a perfect song. I could not get the origional song video soo a 'later on jools holland' was the best I could manage. I have listened to many aucustic versions, which in fairness, I am equally impressed with. I hope you enjoy also.

aucustics song by a lady called Rocher.

If you like her music, more can be found on her youtube video page.
There you will find covers and origional work.
I can't help thinking there are YouTube stars and real life stars.
I think this girl is a YouTube star that in fairness is not a problem.




bowery ballroom
feb 24 09.




So today my mate rung my mobile and asked, "Hey want to go to Oasis?"

Bloody stupid me. I plumb forgot about it.
I forgot about the Oasis show.
I managed to get there a bit late but It was alright.

Man, Madison Square Garden is massive. I forgot how enormous of an arena it is. The last time I went there was to see Green Day and Blink 182 back in 2002. Golly gosh, that was a long time ago.

Anyway I want to make this a quick blog entry but boy did I love the Oasis show.
I haven't been to an oasis show since 2005 when i saw them with JET. I don't remember much from that show..

I'm listening to XFM at the moment and they're playing fallout boy - this ain't a scene, its an arms race and the wombats christmas single. I love alex zane but I want cheeky pete back. ITS NOT THE SAME.

Anyway they predicably closed with Champagne Supernova and Don't look back in Anger.
But it was a great show and solid as well.

I wish the venue wasnt so massive though.


Just in case you didnt pick up this week's issue..
NME is too expensive in the states to buy every week..


1. MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
2. TV On The Radio, Dear Science
3. Glasvegas, Glasvegas
4. Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
5. Foals, Antidotes
6. Metronomy, Nights Out
7. Santogold, Santogold
8. Mystery Jets, Twenty One
9. Kings Of Leon, Only By The Night
10. Friendly Fires, Friendly Fires
11. Neon Neon, Stainless Style
12. Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles
13. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes
14. Laura Marling, Alas I Cannot Swim
15. The Last Shadow Puppets, The Age Of The Understatement
16. Ladyhawke, Ladyhawke
17. Elbom, The Seldom Seen Kid
18. Late Of The Pier, Fantasy Black Channel
19. Fucked Up, The Chemistry Of Common Life
20. Spiritualized, Songs In A&E
21. Lightspeed Champion, Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
22. Oasis, Dig Out Your Soul
23. Scarlett Johansson, Anywhere I Lay My Head
24. Bon Iver, For Emma, Fovever Ago
25. Portishead, Third
26. The Verve, Fourth
27. Hercules And Love Affair, Hercules And Love Affair
28. British Sea Power, Do You Like Rock Music?
29. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
30. Hot Chip, Made In The Dark
31. Coldplay, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
32. Mogawi, The Hawk Is Howling
33. DeerHunter, Microcastle
34. Los Campesinos!, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
35. Cass McCombs, Dropping The Writ
36. Frightened Rabbit, The Midnight Organ Flight
37. Primal Scream, Beautiful Creature
38. Beck, Modern Guilt
39. Chairlift, Does You Inspire You
40. The Kills, Midnight Boom
41. These New Puritans, Beat Pyramid
42. School Of Seven Bells, Alpinisms
43. Black Kids, Partie Traumatic
44. Lykke Li, Youth Novels
45. The Black Keys, Attack & Release
46. Blood Red Shoes, Box Of Secrets
47. The Gaslight Anthem, The '59 Sound
48. Ida Maria, Fortress Round My Heart
49. Bloc Party, Intimacy
50. Heartbreak, Lies

http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=10&title=title_272&more=1&c=1&tb=1& pb=1


1. MGMT, Kids
2. Glasvegas, Geraldine
3. Mystery Jets, Two Doors Down
4. MGMT, Time To Pretend
5. MGMT, Electric Feel
6. Metronomy, Heartbreaker
7. Friendly Fires, Paris
8. MIA, Paper Planes
9. Kings Of Leon, Sex On Fire
10. Vampire Weekend, A-Punk
11. The Verve, Love Is Noise
12. Hot Chip, Ready For The Floor
13. Elbow, One Day Like This
14. Florence + The Machine, Kiss With A Fist
15. Ladyhawke, Paris Is Burning
16. Oasis, The Shock Of The Lightning
17. Spiritualized, Soul On Fire
18. Hercules And Love Affair, Blind
19. Oasis, I'm Outta Time
20. Chairlift, Bruises
21. TV On The Radio, Golden Age
22. The Last Shadow Puppets, Standing Next To Me
23. Fucked Up, Year Of The Pig
24. Santogold, LES Artistes
25. Mystery Jets, Young Love
26. Amazing Baby, Head Dress
27. The Last Shadow Puppets, The Age Of The Understatement
28. Elbow, Grounds For Divorce
29. DJ Mujava, Township Funk
30. Florence + The Machine, Dog Days Are Over
31. Laura Marling, Ghosts
32. Black Kids, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
33. Vampire Weekend, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
34. Late Of The Pier, Space And The Woods
35. Ladyhawke, Back Of The Van
36. Little Boots, Stuck On Repeat
37. Wilex, Wearing My Rolex
38. Sam Sparro Black And Gold
39. Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma
40. Heartbreak, We're Back
41. Dizzee Rascal, Dance Wiv Me
42. Late Of The Pier, Focker
43. Glasvegas, It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
44. Crystal Castles, Courtship Dating
45. Crystal Castles Vs Health, Crimewave
46. Mogawi, Batcat
47. Portishead, Machine Gun
48. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
49. Glasvegas, Flowers & Football Tops
50. Ida Maria, Oh My God


Recently I have been less prone to diving through the Internet to find a gem that is not necessarily known. Instead I been looking through Drownedinsound.com and NME magazine editions to see if anything catches my ears. So I apologize if the bands I review are not completely 'new to your ears'at the moment. I will try to get back to my best soon.


Having read NME's top 50 songs and albums of 2008, I was completely amazed exactly how much they loved MGMT. Sure they are a good band, But to have 5 of the top 10 songs in 2008 was a bit much and suggested they were getting paid to say that.

I thought I would look to prove NME's taste was not great (or at least my taste) by looking randomly at an artist I did not know spread across the mag's pages and there was Ladyhawke. She looked like an NME star. With Ladyhawke, after listening to her music, I really wonder how she got to where she is. I see average lyrics and the beat that is not too different from what any other 'pop synth' group are making. If you are to listen to her music I would suggest 'Back of the Van' which is a passable attempt to making a decent song. If I was looking for a general 'plus' to suggest why NME may put her in the top ten position in 2008 I would point in the direction of her videos. They are fun, 80's inspired at times which I like, and her appearance does not offend the eye. I cannot help thinking Ladyhawke is a sign that music needs to change its direction from 80's pop synth slightly. I would not say a complete change, but just so we do not see artists like this being created which have no long term effect on music. I personally cannot stop listening to Los Campesinos.

I think it would be nice to finish this blog with, in my opinion, Ladyhawkes best song which I am sure others are likely to disagree with.

I would also like to say a big thank you to my fellow blogger's. I cannot describe how much I enjoy reading about all music. Even if I do not like that music I really enjoy reading what others have to think about it. I hope to push the post figures to over 100 before the start of 2009 which I think is very much a possibility thanks to your input. Also If anybody knows anyone who could contribute to this page give me their information and I will add them to enrich the page more.

Rick Moreno.


Bronx Magoli.
WTF name is that.
Ashlee and Pete named their baby that. Poor kid. When he starts playing with other kids they'll make fun of him. He'll grow up a posh kid with one of his residences being in Manhattan and people will wonder why his name is Bronx. The Bronx is one of the boroughs in NYC that is completely ghetto, with the exception of Riverdale. Riverdale is the nice part of the Bronx.

It's like naming your kid Madison Manhattan Mason or Brooklyn Bronx Smith.

I actually hear of kids being named "Brooklyn".

I actually knew a family on the upper east side - OBVIOUSLY THEIR ORIGIN WAS NOT FROM MANHATTAN.. that named their three kids Lexington, Madison, and Parker. REALLY?
You couldn't come up with anything more creative? AND WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A NEW YORK REFERENCE IN YOUR FUCKING NAME?

I'd say - be a lot more original than that.


I had bugger to do today.
Soooo... I went to Fallout Boy at Nokia for free just because it was blocks from my flat.
I don't have much to say about it but the show was fun, I have to admit that.
It was nice to see FOB again. I haven't seen them since March 06.
Since I honestly hate big venues, It was nice to see FOB in a smaller 2000 capacity venue.
I'll never see them at the KFNY ever again, oh well.

Yesterday they did a free show at Union Square.. but it went bust cause of the stupid permits and all.


watch the video at the bottom of the page.

About the show..
Well this opener TYGA opened up. He's a rapper. I was quite disapointed that it was TYGA and not TIGA, the electro dance artist from Montreal, canada.

He did the one song I do know, Coconut Juice.

FOB opened up with Memories. They played a lot of old tunes as well.
Pete told some stories.
He saw a bootleg DVD of Twilight and continued to see it nonstop straight for 72 hours. Then FOB played Vampires will never hurt you. That was funny. Apparently he also likes Almost Famous. He quoted a line from that movie but I cannot recall it now.
Oh and Patrick actually talked about the first time he ever came to New York. Upon his arrival, he saw a burning building and russell crowe in front of it. He also mentioned how he saw one of the brady bunch kids riding on a bike. Weird.
They also did This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms race. Many little kids were dancing to that. At that moment I felt old. They also did a cover of Beat It. It was okay.
I actually semi-enjoyed the show. I hate to admit that.

They also did a free signing at Virgin Times Square but I decided to go on home instead. I just prefer live shows. I am not into school-girl fan-like events.

Oh yeah, the Nokia theater feels like a cell phone store when you walk into it. I wonder what the 02 arena in london is like. Probably the same thing.

I don't like NOKIA PHONES. lol.

Anyway this blog is really cool. The fallout boy fans would love it.


Some of my friends in LA got to see them at the Troubadour. The Troubadour is a 400 capacity venue and much smaller than Nokia. I've been there and the Troubadour is much nicer than Nokia Theater NYC.

So Londoners, you get to see them March 6th, 09 at O2. It's probably a much bigger venue than Nokia Theater in NYC but Americans just get more exclusive Fallout Boy entertainment because we're nang.

That phrase was Meehan inspired. If I had an extra ticket and if Ricky were here I'd bring him. Don't worry Ricky I saved some FOB stickers and a Folie A Deux pin for you.


There's nothing better to do when you feeling down then to listen to some classic songs. And when I say classic I don't mean the ones that did really well when they were released. But songs that came out when something good was happening.
I have loads of songs that give me so many good memories. Like the whole album of Fall Out Boy, Infinity on High. When I hear that I remember the jokes I use to have while working for Game in Woolwich. But not only that but Maria who I got off with at the Venue as well. Good times, good times. But I won't be playing FOB. Not because I don't like them but because there needs to be a variety of genres for this Blog to truly call it self a music blog. So I've opted for Scissor Sisters, Laura. This song reminds me of uni and all the shenanigans I used to get up to there.

I want a hat like the one that the lead singer wears when he leaves the barbers. I think that would well suit me.
Ice Koobs


The new album is out today.
I shall have it real soon.
And I will glorously blog it.
But you can check it out before buying, true 'try before you buy' style on their official myspace.

From what I have heard of it so far is that it is different to the previous albums, but as a true fan I need to believe it is a grower and in a weeks time I will be shouting out, word for word every line.



I was at work on Saturday night and as 'X Factor' was on the tv as it has become a national treasure which seems to have replaced the Eurovision song contest as that tv show which everyone gets to together to watch. I do not like these tv programs because I think covers does not tell about how good of an artist somebody will be. We get bombarded with covers of Micheal Jackson and Mariah Carey every year, leaving Nan, Mum and Sister's in awe. I just do not buy it.

In between the main show and the results show they put on a different program which happened to be a Christmas special of Girls Aloud who won the show some time ago. I watched this whilst doing my job, as they really capture me, not because of their fantastic music, because they are completely crap, but due to the fact of how beautiful they are. I apologize now for being shallow. The show was bad, but got worse when they introduced a guest to perform in the form of the Kaiser Chiefs. I thought at this this, this may well be interesting. I was wrong, it was possibly the worst so-called duet I have ever seen.

I would be interested to know if you have seen worse.


Ricky is going to think i am some Mad yank.
Oh well.
Anyway my friend asked me if I wanted to go see Fallout Boy on tuesday @ nokia theater in times Square.
The thing is, I never really liked fallout boy.
I saw them back in the day, way before they were famous..
before pete wentz revealed his penis to the world.
Before Ashlee was even in the picture.
It was when Fallout boy was just something you would see for like 40 min before Less than Jake at Irving Plaza circa 2003.
I used to call them Falldown Boy.

The thing is the show is down the street in a smaller 2000 person capacity venue.
And I am not into that whole emo music as I once was.
Because back in 2002/3/4 It was still primarily an East Coast New York City / N thing.
I guess I can boast seeing My Chemical Romance in small pub - like venues like the camden natives can say I saw the wombats at the dublin castle back in the day..
I can't believe that band Fallout Boy, the band I once saw at Knitting Factory years ago is like, THAT BIG.
Same goes for My Chemical Romance too. I was sure thursday was goingu to be like THAT HUGE BUT.. it never quite happened.

So tuesday I may or may not see Fallout Boy. The venue is a mere several minute walk from my flat... I guess I'll decide that day.

Again, Ricky must think I am mad. lol


Look away, those who do not like electro.
But before you look away, if you like The Klaxons, MGMT or Daft Punk take a second glance on this blog. Justice are very hip these days. Sell out tours across the UK and France. I have never been very fond of there own work with the exception of D.A.N.C.E and 'We Are Your Friends' which they did in collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco. The remixes, however are a lot more pop therefore more listenable to the millions.

MGMT Vs Justice (Electric Feel)

The Klaxons Vs Justic (As Above, So Below)

Daft Punk Vs Justice (Human After All)


hello to anyone who's reading this!
I have got some nice music that I am listening too which is really acting as a distraction right now as I have far too much coursework to be fluttering between music pages. However, I have done it anyway.

Los Campesinos
This band is not a new band. It's not an unknown band. In fact I am writing about this band as it is one of those bands that people know of, but maybe not enough. These guys, mix a nice combination of male and female vocals. Although contrasting in the way they sound there is quite an equilibrium to how they sound overall. They are a band that seems to enjoy spouting out anything they feel like, whether it be politics to emotions relating to death (yes emo.) As a judgement, They have catchy songs, I keep singing one song in particular 'We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives.' There also seems to be a theme within there videos. Most seem to be cartoon based that is nice, as it helps you focus on the music and not how good the band portray themselves. However, I must comment that the females in this band could most certainly get away with putting themselves in front of a camera. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these videos as I have. God bless.

'We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives'

'Death To Los Campesinos'




I really like this song.
I really like Tilly and the wall in general.
They have such a 'feel good' feel to them.
This video bizarrely works for me.
It has a nu-rave feel which I love but also some crazy Egyptian feel which I spose is not too dissimilar to the productions and art of The Klaxons.

After looking at the title of this tune, 'Beat Control' and its verging on 'electro/pop' theme and the previous post, I thought about The Teenager's and Simian Mobile Disco's remix to the 'It's the beat.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.


Taken last August. 


There's nothing like getting into bands from your own city through UK radio. It happens all to often these days..

But there's been this song on NME radio I cannot get enough of..


You know what's even stranger?

I can't buy the 7; for L'homme in my own country.
I guess I'll just run to Rough Trade in Londontown when I arrive. 

I will add that to my list of "indie 45's to buy"

It's moments like this when I feel like a fish in the wrong pond.
New York City with it's rubbish radio and record stores make me angry. 


Oh I also went to the last Vampire weekend gig last saturday.
It was okay, I didn't bother seeing the openers.
They played the album that I've been listening + a blondie cover and my favourite song M79 (that damn bus pisses me off)

I was well angry when my mate couldn't get us on the guest list for the first date of Vampire  Weekend  because I WANTED TO SEE THE TEENAGERS TOO. AND I BLOODY MISSED THEM I AM THEREFORE A DAFT IDIOT. The teenagers opened up. 

They also had RA RA riot open up for them this past monday when they played in NJ.
But I am a bit over Vampire weekend. Sure, their performance was MINT.. but I had more fun seeing them at Bowery Ballroom last January - the day after their album came out. 

Terminal 5 is just a big venue, and the sound there isn't as good as Bowery Ballroom.
I guess it was just something to do for an hour, see Vampire weekend. 

Ironically, my friend just got an apartment in washington heights. 


Yeah sorry for not posting yesterday. Had the work Christmas Party. Sadly I didn't get wasted. Which is surprising saying that it was a free bar. Not the end of he world. I still know how to party even if I am sober. And one way I got the party pumping was requesting this song.

It actually had a much stronger effect then I anticipated. Everyone was popping on the dance floor. Seriously, it would of broke into a break down show down if there was enough room. And there was me in the corner just pulling off some slight cool moves. You know, things lie the thigh pop and all that stuff. But it was nothing compare to the moves pulled by the other guys.
Ice Koobs


I have come across this hilarious artist named BEANS ON TOAST.
He was scrobbled on my Last . FM page.

Anyway I downloaded a lot of humourous songs titled "I fancy Laura Marling" and "There's no fit girls in NYC"

Whoever Beans on Toast is, he is hilarious.


There's a link to where you can download his amazing folky, but funny tunes.
I would laugh till eternity if he ever ended up playing a show with Laura Marling.
I wonder if he does fancy laura marling for real because if you listen to the fit girls in nyc song he mentions the song was a joke.

Alas, all the good folk really is from london.


Last summer my friend dragged me to see this band called the Wombats at the Annex. I didn't know what it was but I was like, Uh okay.

They blew me away.
So i had to wait and wait till the following year to see them at the annex again this past march.
It was the best show ever and it was 5 quid!

I also saw the Wombats 3 months later from there this past june again, and that was the best night of my life (so far this year)

This past september I thought about going to see them with the Kooks far far away in New Jersey - like two hours from manhattan but by the time I decided to go the show was sold out and it was just too far away.
The reason I didn't go to that show was because I had plans to see Oasis at Terminal 5 in manhattan BUT THE BLOODY SHOW GOT CANCELLED BECAUSE SOME DAFT IDIOT DECIDED TO THROW SOME RUBBISH AT NOEL IN TORONTO.

damn canadians.

I've always wanted to see them in the UK, the idea of it seems magical but it probably would be a bit odd since I'm used to seeing them in small camden barfly sized venues in New York.

The first thing I am doing when I get to london is I'm going to go to rough trade or some shop on berwick or hmv and GETTING THIS CHRISTMAS SINGLE and some friendly fires singles. Lykke Li ones too.. and my list is just large.   

Oh does anyone know Ed Mc Farlane? He's fit. I want to go out on a date with him


First of all, a big thankyou to Jeany for making for making me aware of this 'one day, christmas classic' by The Wombats. Titled 'Is This Christmas.'

If I was Honest, I have a strong belief that The Wombats father in the video is the once legendary, Les Dennis from Family Fortunes. Interested to find out the truth.

Rick Moreno

MUSIC RELEASES (08/12/2008)

This week there are only a few albums to note worthy of a mention to even the broadest of music listeners.

Human by Brandy
See Clear Now by Wiley
Before I Self-Destruct by 50 Cent
Complete Studio Recordings by Led Zeppelin
Call And Response: The Remix Album by Maroon 5

Only one week to go until Fall Out Boy's forth album which I have been waiting for around half a year.

This weeks releases big release would probably be 50 Cent's, not that it's my musical taste, but still would be interesting to here what music will dominate our normal skanky dancefloors in 2009.

Rick Moreno


I was thinking, if I were in London, I'd like to spend my New Year's Eve at the Brixton Academy:

Xfm NYE - The King Blues + Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip + Xfm DJs


Xfm are have put together a stellar lineup for London's hottest NYE ticket. The King Blues bring their unique style of ska-punk and tag along with Brit-hop heroes Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip. John Kennedy, Cheeky Pete, Jo Good, Katie P, Steve Harris, Phil Clifton and Sunta Templeton will be taking turns spinning on the decks. Dan Le Sac will also be featured for a special set on the wheels of steel.

And check out this show:

Shockwaves NME Awards Tour 2009 Ft. Glasvegas + Friendly Fires + White Lies + Florence and the Machine


It has discovered the likes of Muse, The Killers and the Arctic Monkeys and next year's Shockwaves NME Awards Tour is back and bigger than ever. Glasvegas scoop the much coveted headline slot alongside Friendly Fires, White Lies and Florence and The Machine.

I have seen the Friendly Fires and White lies recently and they were some of the best shows I've been to in a while. So i suggest you go.

If i lived in london I'd go to all the NME gigs. 


you have all the good music, radio, and magazines.

Rolling stone and even now KROQ in LA has gone shit and isnt like it once was. 

Sometimes I think I am cursed in New York. Not all the time though. 

But It's not so bad here. 

I wonder what life is like in a state like Tenessee. There's bugger for entertainment. 


I was just reading the post below and couldn't help but smile. 

Goldfinger was one of my favourite bands growing up. 
Them, Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, were like, my bands. 

I first heard Here in your bedroom on KROQ when I was a kid..
and many moons ago I stayed up really late to see them on Conan O'Brien performing Here in your bedroom.
There is probably footage of that on youtube.

Anyway, I heard about them from spending numerous amounts of time in LA. 
Back then I was such a silly kid. 
I thought about changing my name to Mabel.

Here is another embarrassing fact about my love for Goldfinger.
I remember spending a whole day at home watching the Goldfinger VHS tape titled Darren's Coconut ass. That Goldfinger videotape my friend got me wasn't particularly great but back then I liked Goldfinger that much. 

I honestly haven't thought of them much since Stomping Ground but they were a facet of entertainment in my life. 

I just heard this recent song by Goldfinger, handjobs for jesus, and I am quite impressed with it. Part of the reason I went to seek this song was because a friend told me Bert from the Used and Monique from Save Ferris did vocals on it. 

As embarrassing as it is, I once loved the used too. I know every word to blue and yellow.. and i can sing it too..

I'd have to say my favourite Goldfinger song now is The City with Two faces.
It's quite ironic that I never understood that song when I was much younger..
but now, I get it.

If you know what I am referencing, go to the wasted superstars blog and read my lovely entries on what I think of LA. 


Goldfinger was formed by John Feldmann on vocals and guitar, Simon Williams on bass, Darrin Pfeiffer on drums, and Charlie Paulson on guitar. Before they were signed to a major label, they released an EP titled Richter. Many of the songs on Richter are demo versions of songs on their full length debut, Goldfinger, which was released in 1996. Though their second album, Hang-Ups, was less successful, the band still maintained a devoted fan base in the hardcore community. Their third studio LP was Stomping Ground, which sold poorly in the US but was a modest hit in some European countries, thanks to their cover of Nena's "99 Luftballons" sung partly in German. Their next album, Open Your Eyes (2002), was the first for their new record label, Jive/Zomba.

To sum this band up, id say its a "happy" theme of music, i was introduced to this band from an older friend, not many people have heard of them and a lot of people think "the movie?" but seriously give them a go im sure you will be suprised.

SuperSambrooks Top Songs;

1) Open Your Eyes
2) Just Like heaven
3) Stalker
4) Superman
5) Miles away

Let me know what you think.


is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, whose debut album Get Born, released in 2003, has so far sold over three and a half million copies throughout the world.

Im guessing that not many of you have heard of this band, if you have'nt then give them a go! they are pretty good!

SuperSambrooK's Top Songs;

1) Look What Youve Done
2) Hold On
3) Are You Going To Be My Girl?
4) Shine On
5) Get Out Me Outta Here
6) Bring It On Back
7) Cold Hard Bitch
8) Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


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